The best steak nights near me in Melbourne 2024

Get the crew together for a nicely charred chunk of grass fed Aussie beef, cooked to your liking, drizzled with sauce or gravy and garnered with fat fried chunky chips & salad in Melbourne.

Fun fact: 'Steak Night' is why we started listing specials back in 2013.

We've got a range of discounted steak nights with some coming in under $20, ranging to premium offerings and some large discounts on premium cuts (because it's all about relative savings with us). Immerse yourself in the world of exceptional beef as we bring you the finest cuts for an unforgettable steak night experience. From succulent ribeyes to melt-in-your-mouth sirloins, our carefully curated menu showcases the best of Australian beef, ensuring a dining experience that exceeds all expectations.

Whether you prefer a mouthwatering medium-rare or a sizzling well-done, our list is dedicated to delivering a list of steaks that caters to your exact taste preferences. Each bite is a symphony of flavor, texture, and juiciness. Complement your steak with the perfect wine or craft beer from our extensive beverage menu. Our expertly chosen pairings enhance the flavors of your meal, creating a dining experience that is not just a meal but a celebration of taste.

Discover some our favourite venues nestled in the heart of the Melbourne, providing the perfect backdrop for your steak night escapade. The ambiance is warm, inviting, and stylish – setting the stage for an evening of culinary indulgence. Take advantage of our exclusive steak night specials! Whether it's discounted prices, special toppings, or a bundled deal, our website is your go-to for the latest promotions and offers. Maximize your steak night experience without breaking the bank.

Use our user-friendly website to plan your steak night out. Browse the menu, check out our venue, and make reservations to secure your spot. With a few clicks, you can guarantee a night filled with exquisite flavors and delightful company. Join our steak-loving community online! Share your favorite steak night moments, tag us on social media, and connect with fellow steak enthusiasts. Use #EatDrinkCheap and #SteakSpeshies to become part of our conversation and showcase your love for top-tier beef.

Get to know the culinary wizards behind our steak night magic. Learn about their passion for creating the perfect steak and the techniques they employ to ensure an extraordinary dining experience. Don't miss out on the pinnacle of steak perfection! Visit our website, plan your steak night, and embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the rich tradition of Australian beef. Cheers to sizzling steaks and unforgettable nights!






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