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Pints Wines & More 4pm to 6pm
Steak Night with Pint/Wine From 5pm

Dr Morse Bar & Eatery$8 pints, $8 house wine, $12 espresso martinis 4pm to 6pm Tuesday to Friday Happy hour. $25 Steak + FREE pint of beer or house wine, served with chips & salad. Or, go vegan with roast pumpkin w/XO. Every Tuesday from 5pm at Dr Morse.

Pints & Cocktails Abbotsford 4pm to 6pm

Lulie Tavern$9 pints & $15 cocktails from 4pm to 6pm Monday Tuesday night happy hour in Abbotsford (12-6pm Wed-Fri).

Schooners for Pot Prices 4pm to 6pm
Trivia Tuesday Abbotsford 7:30pm to 10pm

Moon Dog OGCore schooners for pot prices from 4-6pm Tuesday to Friday.Trivia kicks off at 7.30pm Tuesday nights plus $17 jugs. Grab your mates and get down to weekly trivia or bingo! Heaps of prizes up for grabs and plenty of beers & seltzers pouring from the tap; nowhere else would you rather be.

Parma All Day Tuesday 12pm to 9pm
Beer, Wine, Spirits & Tins 4pm to 6pm

Terminus HotelEvery Tuesday from 12pm you can enjoy a chicken parma, eggplant parma or chicken schnitzel with chips and salad for just $22.$5 pots, $7 schooners, $7 house wines, $8 tinnies and $9 select pints 4pm to 6pm weeknight happy hour.

Steak Night then Trivia From 4pm
Pints, Basics & Wines 4pm to 6pm

The AviaryFrom 4pm 220g porterhouse with chips salad and a glass of house wine or pot of GOAT lager for $22. From 7pm round up your best team and come enjoy a night of friendly trivia competition.$7 GOAT pints and basic spirits plus $6 House Wines 4-6pm weeknights.

Tuesday Tacos

The Happy Mexican3 tacos for $15 or 3 tacos + soft drink $20. Taco Tuesday in Abbotsford.

Parma Night from From 4pm

The Park Hotel$20 Chicken Parmas & $19 Eggplant Parmas on Tuesday nights available from 4pm when they open.

Pints & Wines Happy Hour 3pm to 6pm
Steak Night Abbotsford From 5pm

The Yarra Hotel$9 pints of Stingray & $7 house wines for happy hour in Abbotsford Tuesday to Friday 3pm to 6pm.300g porterhouse steak plus glass of wine or pot of Stomping Ground for Tuesday steak night in Abbotsford.

Parma All Day Tuesday From 12pm
Taps Wines Cocktails 4pm to 6pm

The Yorkshire Stingo HotelChicken or eggplant parma and a pot for $20 every Tuesday lunch or dinner.$7 schooners of select tap beers, cider and seltzer. $7 house wines. $12 tap cocktails.

Pints Wines & Cocktails 4pm to 7pm
Taco & Margarita Tuesday 5pm to 8:45pm

Vic Bar$6 House Wine. $7 Route109 Vodka & Gin. $7 Choc Drop & Lychee shots. $8 House Pints or $10 Guinness pints. plus $12 House Cocktails. Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday happy hour 4pm to 7pm.Tuesday night get a taco and a margarita for $16.


Trivia, Burgers + Jugs 12pm to 9pm
Pints, Wines & Spirits 3pm to 6pm

Carlton Brewhouse Bar$17 burgers and $17 jugs all day. Trivia Wednesday Night.$8 pints, wines & spirits happy hour 3pm to 6pm Wednesday to Friday.

Pints Wines & More 4pm to 6pm
Curry & Pint Night Abbotsford 5:30pm to 9pm

Dr Morse Bar & Eatery$8 pints, $8 house wine, $12 espresso martinis 4pm to 6pm Tuesday to Friday Happy hour. Pick from a rotating protein or vegan curry option with delish sides paired with a pint of vino for $25 Wednesday night from 5:30pm.

Burgers + Jugs Wednesday From 12pm

Lulie Tavern$12 burgers and $18 select jugs from 12pm Wednesday in Abbotsford. Happy hour until 6pm!

Schooners for Pot Prices 4pm to 6pm
Pizza & Schooner 5pm to 9pm

Moon Dog OGCore schooners for pot prices from 4-6pm Tuesday to Friday.Grab any pizza and a schooner for only $25. Make Wednesday night pizza & pool night.

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