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Amora Hotel Riverwalk in Richmond has 5 weekly specials including Burger & Pot as well as a Pizza & Pot Richmond deal. Add a special

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Burger & Pot $29 Burger & Pot is just $29 on Monday night in The Reserve Restaurant and The Hotel Bar.Updated 1 month agoBurger


Pizza & Pot Richmond $22 Tuesday night enjoy a Pizza & Pot for $22.Updated 1 month agoPizza Check website Book a table


Steak & Wine Wednesday $35 It's steak & wine night in Richmond by the Yarra for $35.Updated 1 month agoSteak Check website Book a table


Pasta & Wine Thursday $34 Serve of pasta & glass of wine for $34 on Thursday night.Updated 1 month agoPasta Check website Book a table


Pots Pints Wines $5 5pm to 8pm $5 Pots, $8 Pints & $7 Wines & $7 Spirits.

Complimentary Finger Food and Live Entertainment.

5pm to 8pm Friday night.
Updated 1 month agoHappy Hour
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Last updated November 21, 2023
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