Prospect Adelaide food & drink specials

These are Prospect's best weekly pub specials, happy hours, bottomless drinks & cheap eats.

We've checked across Adelaide for the latest pub specials, updating thousands across Australia in 2024. You can filter by location and day and find specials by type. We have specials every day of the week with more being added all the time. If you find a mistake, feel free to let us know. If you want your special added, tag us on Instagram or add one yourself.

You can also explore by map to look by location and on your phone press the nearby button to search relative to where you are.



Main Meals All Day

Windmill HotelLunch or Dinner Tuesday, grab a main meal for just $17 with any drink purchase. T&Cs apply.


Schnitzel Wednesday

Windmill HotelWith any drink purchase, a chicken schnitzel is just $12 for lunch or dinner.


Half Price Steak Thursday

Windmill HotelLunch or Dinner Thursday, steak is half price with any drink purchase. T&Cs apply.


Texas T-Bone Friday

Windmill HotelLunch or dinner Friday, get a T-Bone steak for $15 with any drink purchase.


Schnitzel Saturday

Windmill HotelAll chicken schnitzels for lunch or dinner $15 with purchase of any drink.

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