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The Union Hotel

90 Chapel Street, Windsor 3181

03 9510 4396

The Union Hotel in Windsor has 4 weekly specials including their Monday Rump Steak special and also a 5 types of Parmas on Tuesday's. Check out all their cheap deals below!

The Union Hotel located in Windsor has evolved into one of Melbourne's most popular culinary and social areas on iconic Chapel Street.

The Union Hotel's space offers a large amount of variety weather it may be for a casual drink, simple yet fantastic dining, private or casual function's to suit any occasion, major live sporting events across all codes or the live local music played every weekend. The Union Hotel is Chapel Streets original destination to indulge in such activities.

The Union Hotel prides itself on doing the simple very well. We offer great value and service to our customers and invite all to come by and have a good time.

Specials at The Union Hotel

Rump Steak$15.00
38 Votes (3.2)
250g Eye of Rump Steak Night $15 served with chips & garden salad. From 5:30pm every week.Updated 10 months ago
5 types of Parmas$14.00
40 Votes (2.8)
- Traditional Chicken Parma Tomato Napoli, Ham, Mozzarella -'The Union' Chicken Parma Bacon, Salami, Ham, BBQ sauce, Mozzerella -Chicken Schnitzel House made & fresh with Lemon - 'The Mexican' Chicken Parma - Tomato Napoli, Ham, Mozzarella, Hot Sauce & Jalapenos - 'Mushroom' Chicken Parma - Tomato Napoli, Ham, Mozzarella & Creamy Mushroom Jus Served with chips & garden saladUpdated 11 months ago
Porterhouse Steak$16.00
44 Votes (2.7)
300g Porterhouse Steak Night $16 - served with chips & garden salad.Updated 11 months ago
Pasta Night$14.00
7 Votes (2.3)
Lamb Shoulder Ragu Pappardelle for only $14Updated 11 months ago

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