The Standard Hotel

293 Fitzroy St, Fitzroy 3065

03 9419 4793

The Standard Hotel in Fitzroy has 1 weekly special A Trivia Tuesday on Tuesday.

Gimmick-free and character-rich, the Standard Hotel has been dedicated to facilitating the fine art of good times since 1865. All and sundry are welcome with open arms - from the upper echelons of Fitzroyalty to wide-eyed out-of-towners.

The famous front bar is forged on a winning combination of quality conversation, drunken poetry and retro kitsch. There’s an inescapable warm feeling of nostalgia that comes with securing a cherished seat for one out of the tap under Kevin Murray's Brownlow and "Boony for PM" propaganda.

The jewel in the Standard crown is the sprawling, iconic (so says us) beer garden. Designed to thrive in the most fickle of Melbourne weather, it accomplishes the remarkable feat of keeping the masses cozy in the winter months and festive in the Summer sunshine.

In the grand tradition of public houses pre-happy hours and complicated cocktails, The Standard serves only the very best in beer, wine and spirits. For the famished, there is a relaxed dining experience with a no-fuss, quietly kick-arse menu that relegates the bland counter meal to the history books.

A well-earned reputation for quality entertainment stems from years of quality band booking and the torch has well and truly been passed on. If these walls could talk, they’d sing in glorious harmony.

Over the years, The Standard has become many things to many people. Committed booze hounds finding solace in the front bar or the weekend warrior enjoying the year-round pleasures of the beer garden. Even the odd hungry teetotaler has been known to find their niche. Maybe it’s time you came and found yours…

Specials at The Standard Hotel

Trivia TuesdayFREE
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Proudly brought to you by "The Unreal Housewives of Fitzroy" is TRIVIA TUESDAYS at The Standard Hotel. Tuesdays no longer have to be a cold boring night in when you can cozy up near our fire and get that brain ticking away. Teams can be up to 6 people and there are loads of awesome prizes to be won each week! Updated 1 year ago - may be way outdated

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