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The Dan O'Connell Hotel

225 Canning Street, Carlton 3053

03 9347 1502

The Dan O'Connell Hotel in Carlton has 3 weekly specials including their Monday Steak or Parma special and also a Taco Tuesdays on Tuesday's. Check out all their cheap deals below!

Specials at The Dan O'Connell Hotel

Steak or Parma$16.00
36 Votes (2.5)
Mondayitis? Not here! Delicious comfort food matched with outrageously good beers. Every Monday night, enjoy $18 Steak and Pot, or $16 Parma and Pot. Updated 9 months ago
Taco Tuesdays$2.00
15 Votes (2.9)
Tacos and Enchiladas starting at $2, means you can eat big and spend small. Enjoy with delicious beers.Updated 9 months ago
1 Votes (3)
Stretch your brain every Wednesday night with our guru of Trivia. Tables fill up quick so be sure to book, or head in early to secure your spot.Updated 9 months ago

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