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The Dan O'Connell Hotel

225 Canning Street, Carlton 3053

03 9347 1502

The Dan O'Connell Hotel in Carlton has 3 weekly specials including their Monday Steak or Parma special and also a Taco Tuesdays on Tuesday's. Check out all their cheap deals below!

Specials at The Dan O'Connell Hotel

Steak or Parma$16.00
36 Votes (2.5)
Mondayitis? Not here! Delicious comfort food matched with outrageously good beers. Every Monday night, enjoy $18 Steak and Pot, or $16 Parma and Pot. Updated 11 months ago
Taco Tuesdays$2.00
16 Votes (2.9)
Tacos and Enchiladas starting at $2, means you can eat big and spend small. Enjoy with delicious beers.Updated 11 months ago
1 Votes (3)
Stretch your brain every Wednesday night with our guru of Trivia. Tables fill up quick so be sure to book, or head in early to secure your spot.Updated 11 months ago

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