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Rising Sun Hotel

Corner Burnley and Swan Street, Richmond 3121

03 9427 9992

Rising Sun Hotel in Richmond has 4 weekly specials including their Monday Steak Night special and also a Burger and Pot on Wednesday's. Check out all their cheap deals below!

The Reardon family have been involved in Melbourne's hospitality industry for over 50 years. In this time the family have operated many hotels in the suburbs surrounding the CBD. Each has thrived, all vastly different to one another.

The Rising Sun Hotel was established in the late 1800's, and in that time has seen many changes in ownership. Whilst maintaining its heritage and character, the Rising Sun has kept its traditional 'pub' feel, but still manages to keep up with modern standards. The hotel has been modernised where appropriate and is sure to impress.

Winner of the 3AW Pub and Beer of the year awards!

Located on Swan St, Richmond, the Rising Sun is a convenient meeting place. Take a quick tram trip from the front door to the MCG or CBD, or alternatively you can catch a train at Burnley Station, directly across the road. All sections of the Hotel have been carefully designed and catered for to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for all patrons.

Specials at Rising Sun Hotel

Steak Night$15.00
35 Votes (2.7)
Updated 4 years ago - may be way outdated
Burger and Pot$15.00
4 Votes (2)
Updated 4 years ago - may be way outdated
Parma and Pot$15.00
11 Votes (2.8)
Updated 4 years ago - may be way outdated
Steak Sanga and Pot$15.00
0 Votes (0)
Updated 4 years ago - may be way outdated

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