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Maori Chief Hotel

117 Moray St, South Melbourne 3205

03 9696 5363

Maori Chief Hotel in South Melbourne has 5 weekly specials including their Monday Monday Specials special and also a Burgers on Tuesday's. Check out all their cheap deals below!

The Maori Chief in South Melbourne offers you an innovative lunch and dinner menu. Relax in the restaurant, by the open fire or you may prefer a beer with the Maori Chief in the bar.

Specials at Maori Chief Hotel

Monday Specials$15.00
5 Votes (3.4)
Updated 9 months ago
4 Votes (3.3)
Choose from 5 burgers for $15 eachUpdated 9 months ago
Parma Specials$15.00
9 Votes (3)
Choose from 5 different parma's for $15Updated 9 months ago
Steak Specials$15.00
17 Votes (2.6)
250g porterhouse or a steak sandwich for $15 on ThursdayUpdated 9 months ago
Parma & Pint or wine$25.00
4 Votes (4.3)
Friday night special 5-9pm Parma & a pint or glass of wine for $25Updated 9 months ago

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