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Hotel Jesus

174 Smith Street, Collingwood

03 9650 6054

Hotel Jesus in Collingwood has 1 weekly special A Taco Tuesdaze on Tuesday.

For no-frills market-inspired snacks with mezcal and tequila, tap beers and cocktails. Tacos and tostadas with shared plates inspired by neighbourhood taquerias and market tostaderias of mexico. Hidden in a heritage post office on Smith street in Collingwood.

Our menu has re-imagined classics, revolving seafood ceviches and guisados (slow cooked meats), and probably a bunch of dishes you might not have heard of.

Specials at Hotel Jesus

Taco Tuesdaze$2.00
7 Votes (1.7)
$2 TACOS - 5PM - SOLD OUT. SAY WHAT!?Updated 4 months ago

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