Harrow Hermitage Hotel

30-32 Blair St, Harrow 3317

03 5588 1209

Harrow Hermitage Hotel in Harrow has 2 weekly specials including their Thursday Pot 'n' Schnitzel special and also a Hermitage Happy Hour on Friday's. Check out all their cheap deals below!

Built in 1848 and licensed in 1853, the Hermitage Hotel is the heart of what is believed to be the oldest inland settlement in Victoria.

Set on the banks of the Glenelg River, our beautiful, historic building, offers a step back in time with all of the modern experiences you would expect from a quality hotel.

Open 7 days, the Hermitage offers a range of beverage, dining and accommodation services to cater to a broad clientele.

Keeping up with modern times, the hotel also offers a FREE wi-fi service to its patrons.

Over the past two years, the hotel has undergone extensive restoration works and that will continue over the next 12 months, to ensure the Hermitage remains a feature of our beautiful little town.

Specials at Harrow Hermitage Hotel

Pot 'n' Schnitzel$12.50
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Juicy chicken or beef schnizel, served with chips and fresh salad, PLUS your choice of delicious house-made sauces, PLUS a pot of beer or soft drink, or glass of wine.Updated 3 years ago - may be way outdated
Hermitage Happy Hour$3.60
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Our end of week reward for all of our hard workers! Pots of beer just $3.60, complementary bar snacks and a few giveaways to say thanks for stopping by! Join us from 6pm until 7pm, every Friday.Updated 3 years ago - may be way outdated

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