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Barry Munday Port Melbourne

Prince Alfred 355 Bay Street

Fish & Chips / Fish Tacos / Fish Curry / Fish Burger / Fish Pie Barry Munday... Geddit? Barra Monday... as in, barramundi specials... on Mondays... slow on the uptake much!?! BARRY HUMPHREYS FISH & CHIPS $10 Sir Les Patterson style - greasy, battered, salty with mushy peas. BARRY HUMPHREYS FISH & CHIPS $12 Dame Edna style - refined, classy and grilled with a garden salad, and just a small handful of chips, Possums. SENOR BARRIE CASSIDY FISH TACO $15 OK, so nothing at all Mexican about Barrie Cassidy, but we wanted to get our favourite ABC current affairs presenter into the Barry Munday mix. Picture him with a thin mo, poncho and sombrero. Beer battered fish, pico de gallo and slaw. BARRY WHITE FISH PIE $14 A real pie, with pastry (sexy pastry), not just some fish mornay in a bowl with a puff pastry topper like some pubs try to pass off as pie... sexy pastry, sexy barra, sexy mornay, Barry White style. Sexy. Canít get enough of your fish pie love, babe. BARRY HALL FISH CURRY $15 A proper curry with a little extra punch. Served with Brent Staker Roti bread. BARRY CROCKER BURGER $14 Whether you got a parking ticket, stepped in dog poo or found out your spouse was having an extramarital affair it looks as though your Monday was a Barry Crocker. Make it all better with crumbed Barramundi wrapped in brioche with chipotle tartare, pickles and iceberg.

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